Who we are

About our company


Taji Flex solutions is a software development firm based in Nairobi, Kenya that specializes in Investment Management Solutions. Taji is a Swahili word meaning Crown, Flex is coined from Flexible. As the name suggests, Taji Flex has lived to it and is crowned by our clients for having the best Flexible solutions.

Taji Flex has crafted the most Flexible and easy to integrate with investment management suite (Flex IMS) whose ease of use is unmatched. The suite has been carefully developed with an input from many stakeholders in the Investment management industry.

Our clients have an easy decision making process using Flex IMS as various tools have been inbuilt in the solution to aid in such quick and important strategic decisions. These vary from comprehensive performance measurements, valuation algorithms and various real time reports on compliance and breaches.
Anti-Money laundering functionality has been inbuilt within Flex IMS that always ensures that any entity created within the system is screened against Specially Designated Nationals And Blocked Persons List (SDN). They system will always block any further engagement with questionable entities from the screening until further approval is done by the relevant approvers within the system. Flex AML also always screens transactions monitoring the patterns and reports through email on any suspicious transactions that occur. This ensures that fraud is prevented within the organization especially on the public facing platforms.

At Taji Flex we work hand in hand with our clients right from implementation through to post Go Live support. Clients do not shy at giving us their wildest ideas on how they wish to streamline their operations and we have never failed at making this a reality for them. We pride ourselves at being open minded and Flexible enough to accommodate even the seemingly unachievable ideas from our clients. We have been known to break down the wildest of ideas into small achievable milestones and overtime achieving the desired functionality for out clients.



We enjoy a round table with our clients or potential clients and chat on the desired solution. We ask questions and also offer advice on how best to handle the task at hand. We understand the client’s idea and document the requirements.



We embark on a development journey to come up with a prototype for the client if it is a new solution or enhance what is already there to meet the client’s need. All this is done hand in hand with the client for every sprint to ensure the client gets in the end what they desire.



We meet with the clients and other stakeholders once the final product has been developed for a complete review. This is to ensure that what is taken to production is the desired product. If some things come up within the scope of work, the product is taken back to development until the client is satisfied



We prepare the installation environment for the client and install the solution. The client may provide in-house technicians for the process and guidance on where to have the solutions installed. Initial testing is done by the technicians after successful installation.



User training is conducted and user acceptance testing carried out. In depth functionality of the system is tested with simulation of a real working scenario and reports generated for further checks. Users sign off after successful acceptance testing.



After successful implementation, training and successful testing, the product is signed off and taken to production environment. Taji Flex is always on standby for any reported issues and support whenever called upon by our clients. Our relationship is always upheld and not soiled with frustrations. Any issue reported is followed by a detailed root cause analysis to ensure that once a fix is provided, the issue does not reccur.